ProPanel Backer Board – Light BackerBoard Quarter

ProPanel Backer Board – Light BackerBoard 1/4″

Board Size: 3′ x 5′ x 1/4″

This product sold online by pallet only – 50 sheet per pallet (contact us for delivery cost) or walk in our store for no minimum purchase

The 1/4″ ProPanel Backer Board product is ideally suited for floor applications

The 1/4″ ProPanel Backer Board for floor applications achieved a residential and light commercial rating in the very demanding Robinson Floor Test.

ProPanel??? Foam Based Backer Board is light in weight and heavy in duty!

ProPanel is a lightweight and waterproof insulated backer board specifically designed for wall tile applications. Made of high density expanded polystyrene reinforced, on both sides, with a fiberglass mesh and cement mortar coating, ProPanel is a superior backer board for ceramic tile used on walls, bathtub surrounds, and counter tops*.

Manufactured with high-density expanded polystyrene, alkaline resistant fiberglass mesh and a waterproof cementitious coating.

ProPanel is waterproof, and does not need to have a liquid waterproofing membrane applied over the board. ProPanel only needs the seams and fasteners waterproofed with either an approved polyurethane or liquid waterproofing membrane.

Despite every precaution in todays building market, moisture and mold are frequent problems.
The key to preventing mold and fungi problems is moisture control. ProPanel has passed the demanding ANSI A118.10 – Section 4.5 – Waterproof testing in accordance with the Hydrostatic Pressure Test in ASTM D-4068, Annex A2.
ProPanel has also passed ASTM G-21 and G-22 – Resistance to Fungi and Bacteria

ProPanel delivers superior performance in resisting moisture and mold

ProPanel??? FEATURES:

  • Moisture and mold resistant panel
  • Lightweight 2 lbs per panel
  • Easy to score, cut and install
  • No mess installations cut indoors
  • Added insulation value to wall
  • Will not rot or deteriorate

35 Year Limited Warranty

ProPanel Backer Board Specification

ProPanel Backer Board MSDS

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