Warmup Snow Sensor Control Display Panel – CDP-2

Warmup Snow Sensor Control / Display Panel – CDP-2

Indoor Panel Control for DS series controllers. Supplied with 12″ CS-1 connection.

The CDP-2 is the indoor remote control for the DS snow melting controls series. It will allow you to manually override the ON, OFF and AUTO functions of your outdoor-mounted control box, from the comfort of your home.

The CDP-2 Snow Sensor Control/Display Panel is used in conjunction with a DS Series Rain/Snow Sensor Controller. The sensor is typically mounted on a roof, near a gutter, or in a similarly difficult location to reach. The CDP-2 provides a method of remotely monitoring and controlling the attached sensor. The user may monitor both the operating mode and the activation state of the sensor. The user may also set the sensor to prohibit automatic operation, to automatically operate, or to manually operate one snow melting cycle, then return to automatic operation. The CDP-2 derives its power from the snow sensor and requires no batteries or AC power. With an operating temperature range of -40??C to +85??C the CDP-2 is designed for use either indoors or outdoors with proper protection from the elements.

Operating Temperature range of – -40??C to +85??C


Why does my CDP-2 Blink when my DS Controller has a Steady Green Light?

Reason(s) your CDP-2 is Blinking

The CDP-2 will blink when it is getting minimal power through the DS controller to power it.

To avoid powering the CDP-2 from a separate line coming from the panel, it uses minimal power from the DS controller itself. Therefore, the automatic light on the CDP-2 will blink even when the automatic status on the DS controller shows it is powered but not activated (steady green light).

When the device activates and the DS controller has a green flashing light, then the yellow ???DEICE ON??? light will start blinking on the CDP-2.

Please refer to the installation manual for more information.

Warmup Snow Melting CDP-2 Specifications and installation


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